ShenzhenTIBTRONIX Technology locating in Shenzhen China, is a factory based manufacturer of optical transceivers covering various types widely applied to WAN, LAN, SAN, Fiber Channel, FTTX, etc. , meeting the fast-changing market demands. We have technical experts with more 15 years experiences in our team to do R&D, programming, and customization for our clients. Common 155M~8G SFP-s are already put in mass production. Currently we mainly focus on 10G transceivers like SFP+ and 40G QSFP.

All transceivers are individually tested before delivery. We also offer programming and testing for compatibility on a variety of brands of network hardware.

We know clients are careful on each detail like packing and labels, and we think we can meet their requirements as long as they listed them to us. If we cannot or even get close, we’d like to take each challenge to build up ourselves.